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The goal of Well Over 50 is to address your concerns with maintaining strength and stability as well as reducing muscle loss due to aging through strength training.

Strength training will allow you to maintain the muscle mass and ability to perform daily life functions, like carrying groceries, laundry baskets, or bags of mulch, as well as physical activities like hiking or bowling. It will also facilitate bone growth and density required to support your (and the weight you are carrying), but also prevent bone deficiencies like osteoporosis that deplete the strength of your bones and increase your risk for injury during falls.

WellOver50 seeks to assist individuals who are looking to start (or resume) exercising to improve their quality of life, get in better shape, and avoid injury through resistance training. We do this by posting research articles and videos on products, services, and people whose mission is to support 50+ individuals who seek answers to their lifestyle questions and wellness concerns; and have the experience within the health and fitness industry to advocate examples where strength training is the best solution for you.

The education you gain from these articles is intended to help you overcome health challenges as you age as well as obtain your best shape ever with a positive mindset, effective exercise habits, nutrition discipline, and recovery routine. 

Articles and videos to help improve your quality of life are categorized in terms of:

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I love reading your articles on fitness and have shared your ideas and suggestions with all of my friends and colleagues. There’s a valuable insight in every article to learn from.

– Mike Taylor, Network Engineer

I’ve followed WellOver50 for over two years and have successfully implemented a ton of your advice into my own daily workout routines. Thank you!

– Carla Jones, Accountant