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This site addresses your concerns with maintaining strength and stability as well as reducing muscle loss due to aging. Articles are posted to help you overcome challenges with maintaining a positive mindset and effective exercise, nutrition, and recovery routine. You are able to provide comments that will assist other in their fitness journey as well as sign up to receive newsletters, product reviews, and information regarding services that you will find useful during your own fitness journey.

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This site promotes everything health and wellness that is related to maintaining a more active lifestyle and improved quality of life after 50 is highlighted here.

This site will serve as your ruck sack for collecting the tools necessary for your image building adventure. The best start to your journey begins with the first step.


See highlights of newly published and promoted books in the health and wellness industry. This section will provide you also with the keys for do-it-yourself trainers and age defying athletes.


Increase your energy for training stamina and recovery. Learn clean eating and meal supplementation tips that wont compromise the benefits of your medications, if any.


You must pamper yourself to accommodate your new image. See new grooming, fashion, and any tips of interest that will assist you in maintaining your health and appearance,

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Receive information, invites, and opportunities to attend major health and fitness conferences, conventions, or workshops that may be of some interest and their location. This is an opportunity to socially connect with those with your same mission; and see the world while you are at it.

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The initial purpose of CrossFit is to simulate activities that are stressful and high risk for injury in a physically demanding lifestyle or occupation; however,

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Let’s be honest: trainers are expensive. The good ones are worth their weight in gold, creating awesome changes in a short period of time, but a

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