About Cheryl Ford

Hi, I'm Cheryl.

I'm a wife, wellpreneur, health coach and creator of the Well Over 50 lifestyle blog.  After turning 50, I quickly realised that my self care, nutrition, wellness, beauty and lifestyle needs were all shifting...

I didn’t want to “grow old gracefully.” I wanted to look and feel vibrant, easily control my weight, have a clear and focused mind and feel good about my life and place on this planet for years to come, all while growing into my second half in a positive, healthy, SEXY and spiritually affirming way.

So, after years of following a healthy plant based lifestyle, being a student and teacher of holistic wellness, becoming a wellness entrepreneur and finally getting Certified as a Health Coach by the New York City Board of Education, I’ve started to crack the code of self care and healthy aging.

Now, as wellness expert and social influencer my intention is simple:

To inspire women to grow into their full potential by sharing nutrition, beauty and wellness tips for longevity and JOYful living. Plus, share some business models to take your career and professional goals to the next level. So, join me here for simple inspiration to live your best life now, at any age!


I’m an empty nester of 2 children (Justin 34 and Hannah 32). I’m from California but currently live in the UK with my wonderful hubby Mark of 36 years, our 14 year old dog Ben and Tuxedo cat Peter.