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About Well over 50

Who Is WellOver 50?

Wellover 50 was created by a retired combat veteran and public health professional who is, of course, over 50 and wanted to create a health and wellness site that would not only serve as a point of reference for older individuals seeking a fit lifestyle but a community resource for those searching for a fitness plan that best suits them.

This site is not just about providing ideas, products, and services that will serve as “tools” to create a better quality of life but also a place of social interaction and health education among like-minded individuals who are serious about becoming healthier.

Topics we write about

Health concerns that not only affect the overall quality of life but life changes (as we age) that change our daily life routines regarding:

The latest resistance training methods to address the loss of strength, muscle mass, bone density, and mobility due to aging

Quality of life concerns that hinder our goals for a healthy lifestyle

Clean eating suggestions for healthy nutrition and recovery

Goals of Our content

We seek to create content that is evidence-based, supported by health and fitness professionals, or generally accepted ideas by seasoned athletes (or ex-athletes) that exercise regularly and are willing to offer suggestions based on their own experiences:

To inform, inspire and educate our audience

Feature guest and products that bring you value

Continuously improve and deliver the best content

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